Tourist photo attraction likely set on fire by tourist photographer


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That’s a damn fine shot there, jlw.


yeah, sounds like a licence to blow up any castle ruins and the like.


It was already ruined when I got here!


Not even a great shot. The tide is out, and what is the point? What a waste.

Something a bit more my tastes (not mine):


Trump 2016!


aww, I’ve got a Camaro I could put up on blocks in your front yard if it’ll make you feel better.


just tilt it some more and a top ranking mother photo journalist will
destroy it before it’s published


Nothing lasts forever.


This is why we can’t have nice ruins.


Ha good one.

Amazing the shitstorm over this, and further amazing that it even reached boingboing. It’s a wrecked boat right next to a national park, on public land. I’m surprised it wasn’t removed years ago. And what you can’t see in any of these photos is that it’s covered in graffiti.


That’s all well and good, but what we really want to know is - was the tourist attractive?


While I don’t agree with Chief Jim Fox’s assessment of what constitutes damages, his quote was pulled out of context. The story follows Chief Fox’s quote with:

The boat is on property owned by the National Park Service, which is planning to look into the matter.
“Right now, because it is on our property, we’re trying to find out more
information, whenever we can, about what kind of damage occurred and how
it happened,” said park service spokesman John


Yeah but, they wouldn’t have been able to burn it to the ground if the tide wasn’t out.

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