500-year-old skeleton clad in thigh-high leather boots found face down in London mud


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/12/06/500-year-old-skeleton-clad-in.html


Oh no - not again. Bad time to be a skeleton person trying to take a nap.


I am going to giggle all day at that… thanks @beschizza




Worth it for the Keith Richards line.




Another one? Maybe it’s the End of Days.


Busy season for skeletons in boots. In spring we tend to get more in sandals.


I just need to point out that the illustration is not 500 years old, nor does it represent people from that time.

I would guess it’s from the 1860s and is representing peple from a century earlier.


“And I didn’t even know Keith Richards was missing.”

Bill Murray salutes you.


Evidence that the first gay leather-bar in London was established earlier than previously thought?



You can’t just wade in with facts…


No kidding! I expect Beschizza will be resigning any minute now.


Oh that’s too much. A simple apology would suffice.


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