Archaeologist dug up a 500-year-old skeleton wearing boots


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500-year-old skeleton clad in thigh-high leather boots found face down in London mud

With boots of that quality it isn’t the skeleton of Sam Vimes.


These boots were made for The Walking Dead.



Are there traces of cement around said boots?!?



…and that’s just what they’ll do!


If you fall in the river and your thigh-high boots fill with water, that’s all she wrote.



One of these days, those boots are gonna long outlast you!


I don’t see what the big deal is. Most archaeologists wear boots when digging…



Obviously someone thought that the auctioneer’s prices were too high and he met an unfortunate end.


I once dug up a rusty can wearing sandals. I’m not sure I get the excitement about the archaeologist’s footwear.


Came for this. Leaving satisfied.




Well yeah, but did he have a chopper and a flaming electric guitar?


them’s Pirate boots!


Oh, so many jokes…

Archaeologists say it’s unusual to find boots? I heartily agree, since I sometimes have trouble finding boots in my own damned house!

Are they sure those weren’t hip waders?

Was he found under a bridge? His last words may have been, “Y’all hold my beer - WATCH THIS!”


Perhaps he fell into the river and couldn’t swim. Or possibly he became trapped in the tidal mud and drowned…

“Oh, baby! Oweyn, the boot maker, claimed these tall puppies will stand up to water. I’ll just check 'em out.”


Had to look up Sam Vimes. Totally worth the effort.