6000 mAh USB backup battery with a solar panel


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That panel is only about 100 hundredth of a square metre so presumably can’t supply more than about 1W in direct sun near the equator. At 5V that’s only 200mA so it would take 30 hours of sunshine to charge the battery, say four days.

It would surely make more sense build a proper charger to connect to the bike and carry a spare larger capacity battery even for a camping trip.

A switched mode supply can provide a totally isolated supply for the phone.


I am not confident the bike in question can handle the headlights, tail lights and clock all at once.

Ah, then I see the value in the solar panel.

Perhaps a larger battery capable of powering the bike would be worth considering.


Doesn’t matter how big the battery is if the bike can’t generate the power to keep it charged.

I have built several bike stereos that use solar power to charge the battery. This panel is laughably small. The 5 watt panel I use on the 15W/channel stereo is somewhat too small, but it fits.

Pff, my phone has five amp-hours, so meh.

Get yourself a THL 5000, and you won’t have to worry anymore.

A phone with a replaceable battery is king. One simple purchase and all problems solved.

I dont understand how you ipeople suffer along with those things! :smile:

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