Deal: ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery

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That puny 1.2w solar panel isn’t going to be charging anything unless you have days of clear skies to leave the thing sitting around.

Compare to the goal zero stuff… they offer a 7w solar panel that can charge a 7800mAh battery in about 8 hours of good sun. 1.2w with a 20,000mAh battery? Doesn’t make sense.

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That’s kinda what I was thinking, xzzy. And I can’t tell if you can fast charge it from a wall. I’m thinking not.

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From the comments on the Amazon page: “120 hours of sunlight, at 0.2 amps, or 15 days at 8 hours a day”…

You could charge it from a proper 14W Solar Charger in about 12 hours.

This thing rocks!

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I attempted to buy something like this on Amazon last year at a similar price point and design. I was skeptical and that turned out to be the right attitude. It was a perfectly fine external battery, but it couldn’t charge in full, direct sun worth a damn. It ended up being returned.

(I’d link to the product but it has been discontinued and the photo on Amazon is not representative of what I ordered.)

My remedial understanding of solar technology leads me to believe this, and similar products, cannot be effective chargers due to the small size of the solar panels. Hence why these ones actually work (according to reviews and believably based on my experience with Anker products):

I’ve had only good experiences with ZeroLemon… but then, I’ve only had a single experience with them!

A charger that gives me backup power for my phone every couple weeks (less: I live in Texas, so 8 hours sounds a very conservative guess) sounds like a good accompaniment to the extra-big phone battery I already got from them, which already gives my Galaxy 4 about a week of charge.

For home, one that would just plug into the wall seems smarter, so I’m not completely sure what niche this is meanta fill. Camping? You’d more likely want to bring a couple of these fully charged. Good thing to just stick in the car and forget about until I need it, I guess, though I’d be leery of how well it’d cope with the Texas heat in the car.

I’ve been repeatedly impressed by the quality, specs, and reasonable prices of Anker products.

My guess is the solar bit is more of a limp along emergency feature in case the power goes out or your car dies on the side of the you can make calls. Sure the thing is going to need a week of sun to charge fully, but to make a call to get someone out where you are?

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