Charge any device anywhere with this universal solar charger


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This solar charger will keep your devices powered up on the trail

Anywhere? Even down here at the bottom of Jame Gumb’s basement pit? (a prompt answer would be appreciated)


The Amazon reviews say it charges at 200 mA/hour in full sun, 130 mA/hour on a typical hike. It holds 5000 mA-hours. The math is not encouraging.


Bright sunlight: Good for solar charging
Bright sunlight: LCD and OLED require much more power to display legible image


Any device? Anywhere? Hyperbole much?


The battery will charge the USB device at 10 watts, but the solar panel will recharge the battery at only 1 watt.

Needs a solar panel the size of a 17" laptop to be effective.


Oooh its the charger for the apocalypse!


These are Kryptonian chargers. Our yellow sun gives them unimaginable power.

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