69-year-old man sues to legally change his age because he identifies as a 49-year-old


He fucking said that he’s changing his age to get younger women… he said that. So, he’s literally lying to potential sexual partners about his age. That is what he’s doing. That’s lying to get someone in bed. That’s gross.




He does sound like quite the fuck-stick.


I should have said “non-normative” instead of “weird”, the only reason I didn’t is because it feels too jargony. But if I’ve offended anyone by calling them weird, I apologize.

For sure. The lives of marginalized people are at stake and that’s not to be taken lightly. We have to be serious, strategic, and caring about the way we approach these issues.

All I can say is that some gay advocates were using this line of reasoning to marginalize trans struggle a decade ago, and we should be careful to avoid making the same mistake.

I agree about false equivalence, but we should be careful to avoid conceiving of social identity struggles as zero-sum. That is, we should reject the idea that recognition and respect for one identity can only come at the expense of others. That’s the logic of white supremacy, which is why right-wing trolls are doing this: to pull us into their world-view.

We should maintain a focus and emphasis on the most urgent and widespread forms of oppression, but we can do this while also embracing the possibility of an infinite spectrum of identities and oppressions. This is not only the most caring approach, it’s the most strategic since it allows our movements to expand over time.




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Philosophically speaking, an argument is valid if the truth of the premises logically guarantees the truth of the conclusion. Either an argument is valid or it is not. There is no “more or less valid”. The logical structure of his argument is equally valid. His circumstances most certainly are not equal…I am sure we would both agree on that.


If you think everyone on dating apps is honest about their weight, their income, their height, their photograph, their age, their cock size etc…oh boy are you in for some disappointment


That’s plainly not what @Mindysan33 said.




Who knew transphobic topics brought in the transphobia!

Seriously though, I expect that trolls gon’ troll, but the number of people who aren’t outright trolls pretending his main goal isn’t to be hateful is astounding.


It is a mistake to take this guy as sincere.


Who says they’re not “outright trolls?”


There are plenty of those, I mean the ones who claim it’s “mostly” because he’s a creep who wants to date young women. While true that he’s a creep, they’re giving a born-again incel far too many excuses for how terrible he is. He’s being given press solely for “wacky” trans hate, depressing that BB picked this up for a human interest story and signal-boosted fascist propaganda.


I think this person is probably a troll. Personally I try to deal with trans trolls who think they are being clever by treating them as if they were being totally sincere and showing them compassion and doing everything I can to accommodate their (possibly faux) requests. When it comes to gender, this produces massive discomfort among the sort of men (it’s men) who troll trans people because it is actually very important to them that they aren’t identified as women (which is kind of an object lesson in what being cis is since they are unaware they are that). It also might occasionally mean being nice to a genuinely delusional person (though none of us are actually being kind or unkind to this person unless they are in the thread).

This guy has chosen what he regards as an analogue that he probably isn’t uncomfortable with, so maybe my gut reaction of “just take him at face value even though I don’t believe him” is misplaced.

This I 100% agree with. Ultimately this is up to the courts in the Netherlands and honestly I think they’ll do just fine with it. I was thinking about posting something on my blog about this, but I’m not going to. (Not that my blog is a relevant level of “signal boost”)


Clickbait is as clickbait does; there’s not much we can do but choose not to click on it.

That said, yes, it’s a shame that a story about such an obvious energy leech is being given any oxygen at all… but the lengths some people will go to to try to defend antisocial behavior is what’s really disheartening.


Straight, cisgendered, rich, Christian, white dudes always get the benefit of the doubt…


You’ll notice that he’s okay with arguing it’s equivalent to being transgender as long as it’s negative, but when I point out that this genital essentialism means I get to be two women (probably a positive), there’s crickets.


I’m going to add “genital essentialism” to my vocabulary immediately. It really is nonsense.

(Unlike age. I’m sure age has some social constructs that none of us know how to unpack around it, but we really are referencing an objective fact about the movement of the Earth around the Sun.)


Rubbish, that’d only be true if the game was rigged!
Ah, fuck…