69-year-old man sues to legally change his age because he identifies as a 49-year-old


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And I’m still 18, up here (pointing to my head). Not so young elsewhere.


If this passes it opens him up to law suits from friends and relatives who gave him 20 years worth of not-birthday presents.


This is like the guy who wanted to marry his laptop because “the gays” or some such garbage.


My first reaction was that he’s trolling transgendered people and those who accept them. But am I like the people who mocked gender pioneers?

All I know is, that’s a rough 49.


I kinda hope the court does rule in his favor and he loses his pension.


Agreed, he’s pushing pretty hard, but still obviously trolling trans people.


Yeah, if there were some biological test for non-chronological age standards, he’d still be lying about his age. I mean, I’m 54, and I don’t look that bad. Or so I’ve been told.


What a catch, eh ladies? They’ll be lining up to claim this prize, yesiree.


I just assumed “69” on a Tinder profile would be a good thing.



As They say: “It’s not the years, it’s the miles”


so can I legally identify as 65 and retire 30 years early then


Yes but you are legally obliged to die at your actuarially established life expectancy date.


Ah yes, the famous case of Umad.jpeg v. State.


On one hand, our collective measurement of time is like money in that it works only because we all agree to it. If he chooses to measure time differently that is his prerogative.

On the other hand, he’s asking the government to change their official document based on his own perception of time and it’s not one that they share so they’re under no obligation to do it.

On a third imaginary hand, this guy comes off as a bit of a tool that is likely egotistical enough to not realize how his voiced desire to “identify” as something could be seen as mocking the daily fight transgender people go through to be recognized as who they are.

This too shall pass.


To a higher power: “So. sue me!”


Nearly everyone would love to change their age, but you cant physically change your age like you can your gender with an operation and hormone therapy.


The Dutchman describes himself as a "young god."

Um, Ok…


Well look, most gods have been around for thousands of years. Even a young god is still quite old.


I’m 47, and a cancer survivor, there is no way in hell I’m going to look as old as him in two years.

Fucker looks older then my dad.

I get it, getting old sucks, but he is the ONLY person who thinks he looks 49.