69-year-old man sues to legally change his age because he identifies as a 49-year-old

I too have the body of a God.

Of course, the Klingons have the bodies of all of their gods.


It would be funny if the court said, “Based on your physical appearance, we are legally changing your age to 75 instead.”


I’m told this is fake.

I remember posting that over here:


Heh? Do you have to put your age on job applications in the Netherlands?

If not, legally change his age to two, and tell him to grow up.


“could be seen”? You are charitable, but I think too charitable in this case. The one phrase in the article I was expecting to see was where he compared his self-called struggle to the transgendered, and I was not disappointed.There is absolutely no way he is doing this except to trolley and mock transgender people.


Well. What a catch HE is. :roll_eyes:


But is he stunning in purple?


I’m genuinely baffled by his reasoning.
“You can change your name” - yep, why not.
“You can change your gender” - Matter of preference, if you’re really serious the physical end is sorted by surgery

But age - you were born on a certain date, unless you’ve invented and implemented time-travel (if so provide proof and the scientific community would go wild :P) nothing in the world can change that. An ideal that “you think you look younger” is patent nonsense…

Other things on a similar level:
-place of birth
-birth parents* **

You don’t get to change these. they are simple facts of what happened.

*legal guardians can be changed, but not your birth parents.
** thinking on it, ‘DNA parents’ might be a better term to allow for test-tube baby style IVF and even donor pregnancy… It’s still set in stone when it happens.


Please don’t signal-boost this transphobic BS.


yeah, and they know exactly where they’re all buried.


That’s what I was thinking… people who do shit like this strike me as the kind of people who think they’re oh so clever and are sticking it to “the gays” and liburals or whoever, completely ignoring how hurtful they are being by refusing to see the common humanity of others.


No, because age is not something that is variable as gender.


Age discrimination is real but there is no way in hell age is where I’ve faced the most discrimination even though no one believed me for most of my childhood about anything. What a fucking tool this guy is. Also, let’s be real asshole, you look 60.


…yes, we’ll change your age to 49- in hexadecimal.


All this is reminding me though of a family member I have who is not dealing well with aging. After a very youthful decade in their sixties, the seventies are bringing a lot of age related problems and life, mobility, everything is harder. I had to bite my tongue a couple of years ago while this person who has now broken multiple bones doing things that their body is just not able to handle was on the verge of suing because some one who ran a physically active demanding “retreat” that involved things like ziplining and full body contact dance told my family member that it was too much of a risk for them to go on the retreat because the last time involved multiple hospitalizations overseas. Your mind may think one thing but your body is going to keep getting older. As some one who has had to manage serious health problems all of my life I have trouble “getting it” really. I wouldn’t go on a retreat like that even if I had shit tons of money because I know there is just a huge chance it’s going to be a dangerous and miserable experience. You don’t have to like reality but if you try to avoid it too much it’ll bite you in the ass. Pointless story but I felt like sharing because it reminds me to be objective and realistic about my own physical body.


Sure, whatever. It’s the golden rule. Much like that guy who wanted to marry his laptop (thanks @ethicalcannibal for the reminder). Or the Canadian guy who said they identified as a woman between 4:00pm and 8:00pm on Wednesdays so they could apply for a position on a political party’s womens’ committee.

Just let him. It’s only a mild inconvenience for everyone else. I’m sure, much like sex and gender, we actually have two separable ideas of “age”, one being a literal time-since-birth and the other being a socially constructed idea of what it is to be a certain age. We just act like they are the same thing. If someone wishes to be recognized as having a different social-construction-age than their time-on-clock-age I don’t mind. People have actually been doing this for a long, long time (with varying degrees of social acceptability).

But we’ve been haggling out, as a society, what it means to recognize the cleft between gender and sex for a long time now, and we certainly aren’t done. If he thinks it’s easy to be a pioneer in these things I’m sure he’s mistaken. He should ask some trans people about “passing”, and what it’s like not to pass, because he’s not going to pass. I doubt he’ll face the kind of violence that people who are transgender face, but he should at least be ready to have people think his ID is fake and have to provide supporting documentation when he wants to use it.

Maybe after a while he’ll understand how exhausting it is.

That guy who said he was a woman between 4 and 8? They let him run for the position. Guess what, he (or she if the selection was held between 4 and 8 on Wednesday) didn’t win.

The guy who wants to marry his laptop? Come on, idiot, the laptop can’t consent to the marriage without you coercing it to do so. But if it could then I’d be the first to say you should go for it.


You know I was watching several documentaries on people who “love” objects and it chilled me how toxic it actually is because what really stood out to me is how much people “love” other humans in their life exactly the same way one could “love” an inanimate object. Basically if love seems the same to you whether you love a person or a literal rock then you actually have never been able to give or receive love and that’s very sad. It’s sad for the people who love such a person, sad for the people who have to endure that kind of “love” from some one, sad how people can get that way, just sad all around.The people who treat humans like objects are the ones that scare me though. The objectsexuals have kind of just found what I think is a creative but unusual way to cope.


Gender identity isn’t based on physical attributes, though. Not all trans people go the hormones and/or surgery route.


Run, Runner!


ummmm, no, he looks like he’s in his sixties.