69-year-old man sues to legally change his age because he identifies as a 49-year-old

Not all trans people have the choice of the hormones/surgery route. Even if you can afford to get treatment (or have a government health care system), you can still be refused on medical grounds. Sometimes the psychiatrist will refuse treatment because you don’t believe it is 1950, with all the social conditions of the time.


Sure, the point is you don’t have to alter your body to be trans.


It seems he’s also written a book of racist phrenology. This is to back up his theories that darker people are “less intelligent” and “weaker”.

This guy is a garbage racist. And a massive self-promoter that journalists can’t resist. Sound familiar?


I don’t want to assume that people who love inanimate objects all fall into the same category, but I remember watching one such documentary (it wasn’t a documentary, but that doesn’t matter) about a person who had “married” (he had the sense not to try to make it legal) a sex doll. Some people found this creepy because it made them think the person thought women were objects.

But seeing them and how they interacted with people I wondered if it wasn’t the opposite. We all anthropomorphize things around us. Some people see dogs or cats as “people”. Most of us saw at least some of our toys as “people” when we were children. So imagine we all have a baseline tendency to see things in our environment as people. I got the impression that this person’s tendency to anthropomorphize was just way off the scale. They were able to love an inanimate objects because they saw them as people, but that also meant seeing other people as people. That seemed validated by the person’s apparent pain at dealing with other people, like other people were just too much for them.

I agree, the scary people are the ones whose tendency to anthropomorphize is turned down so low that they don’t see actual people as people, or start putting conditions on it like secondary sex characteristics or skin tone.

ETA: Based on the “because of the gays” angle of the laptop marrying person, I assume they were at the lower doesn’t-know-people-are-people end of the spectrum, not on the actually-in-love-with-laptop end.


Sure, and there are also trans people who have major medical issues and cannot handle the physical stress of major surgery. But they’re all still trans because gender is not sex. I think that’s honestly the sticking point for people like this guy. They can’t get past the “but you look this way” part. Even though a huge part of what he is trying to say is that he looks twenty years younger than his actual age (not feels, looks) and heh… no. But still it’s all about “looks like” and not at all about “who I am” which is telling.


“He compares his plight with being transgender.”

He realizes it and it’s his whole dirty point.

I figure the best outcome is that he gets what he wants, goes on Tinder at “age” 49, and is still ignored by all of the ladies,. Then he can sit there, desperately swiping at his phone, in his “luxury position” while realizing he has to go to fucking work tomorrow.

Has anyone yet pointed out to him, if you have the looks that can pull it off, you can lie about your age on Tinder? If they did, he didn’t care, because it’s not about Tinder. Obvious bigot is obvious.


I agree, I was just adding to it to point out how discriminatory surgery and hormone requirements are.


Just to the right of the chart, it needs to have: “Corporations are people”


Strangely, I think that position is off to the left of the chart.


Based on those tables, my light would go on at 85…at which point I would stand still, 'cause running would be out of the question!


What about mental and physical stress? After the past two years, I keep reminding myself that I’m not as old as I’ve started to feel.


So horseshoe theory is real?



I don’t care how he feels or ‘identifies’; he totally looks 70, and his body will still have 70 years worth of ‘mileage’ on it.

What an egotistical douchebag, aside from his obvious attempt at trying to flame the LGBTQ community.


Yeah, not so much for laptop guy, but what emerged to me was that a lot of the sincere object-lovers were really trying to cope with a world that had treated them like objects as best they could, seeing humanity everywhere and trying to form those bonds wherever possible. I can sympathize with that actually. But man it really highlights how many toxic ideas our culture has about what love means.


ooo yeah, I’m 40…


Fuck this guy and his reasons, but I am the guy he thinks he is. I’m 51 with a baby face who is almost always mistaken for very late 30’s at this point. If I shaved the beard, maybe mid-30’s.
I know what he wants, to try to reach down to find a woman even another 15 years younger than his “fake” age on Tinder.

It’s not worth it, buddy. If that’s how you think, they’re always going to be more mature than you.


I used to have the serious baby-face for most of my life, but after I turned 40, my age started to show more.

C’est la vie.

But I hear you; the vainglorious mentality of this guy is utterly repugnant.


Goodness grief…

But also worth noting:
For example: When someone jokes about Trump’s ‘small hands’

Nobody chooses their genetics, so the only sane thing is to ignore it.

(though going back on the Trump theme, for looks the whole ‘(orange fake-tan’ thing is 100% self inflicted personal choice, by all means ridicule that to your hearts content)

So i’d feel it prudent to bear in mind what things in life are a choice and which are not.

Genetics are the latter, Trumps epic amounts of the former are entirely by choice…


I hope the laptop divorces him and takes him for all he’s got.


Nobody is born a phrenologist.

I would advise anyone thinking of becoming one, to first change the shape of their head.