Media spokesmillennial actually 55 years old


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A few minutes later, he said he wanted to talk to his lawyer before he said anything else.




Beat me to it.


It was a toss-up between that one or this:


Ah, didn’t know that one.


What IS it with kids today and their lawyers??



I wondered why all his stories revolved around episodes of Quantum Leap.


You all over-looked this one:

“I’m thirty-nine!”


retirement age approaches

At age 55?


Because reporters are lazy despite the fact that professional paid work in journalism is harder than ever to get. That’s how you get a crazy and damaged Baby Boomer constantly being cited as the voice of his Millenial generation. That’s also how we get a crazy and damaged orange man-child as our next President.

I give citations from recent Forbes articles as much credibility as those from the WSJ op-ed pages. Not surprisingly, those citations usually come from conservatives.


This is a great episode - link takes you right to where I want


Consider the self-image of a man who poses with a Tesla for a Forbes blogspam profile whose purpose is to establish that he is a millionaire before 40.


I’m glad that we 55-year-old millenials have someone to stand up for us.


So is he trying to be a “Millennial” Jack Benny?


Millennials…can’t even speak for themselves…gotta get their parents to speak for them.


See, that right there gives him away. I remember that show very well, and I’m 44. Even with today’s rerun mania, what millenial is gonna know Quantum Leap?



I’m confused. What the fuck, exactly, does this guy do? He talks about Millennials, or something? What?


Isn’t that the show that Captain Archer and Brother Cavill got together to do after their more popular shows ended?