7 hours of rain-soaked ambient "cyberpunk" music

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Good link. That one popped up on my recommendations a couple days ago as well.

Here’s my go-to:

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If you want something more peppy and Cyberpunky, check out Grendel’s Harsh Generation.

Also Grendel’s Chemicals and Circuitry EP.


I know whenever I want to relax, I imagine myself in a rain-soaked, concrete-tower dystopia.


Or the ‘original’?

… you know, a different one, where I don’t know anybody and walking around the corner is exciting because I haven’t been there before


Just FYI, the VR app that this came from, “Aircar,” is one of the most relaxing and beautiful that you can find. Not to mention that it has the most immersive and convincing sense of flight of any VR app I’ve tried.

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Here’s a little binaural asmr from a county fair… 1st person perspective at half speed. It can be very relaxing :relaxed:

Freeside. Why wait?

Knowing that Ridley Scott based the visuals of Blade Runner on Middlesbrough and Teesside has changed my view on what cyberpunk music is. I still can’t imagine Harrison Ford at the Colosseum on a Saturday night for some reason.

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Now I’m imagining what Blade Runner would have been like had it been a JG Ballard adaptation, rather than a PK Dick one…

From my experience, it would have been an Irvine Welsh adaptation.

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