7 pack of cheap micro-usb cables, because I keep losing them


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I don’t lose them, but I do ruin the little “teeth” that keep the cable seated in the socket… one of these days I need to see if I can pop them back up, but until then thank goodness for cheap cables.


As much as I hate buying new lightning cables, I loathe micro-USB. The only upside is they are easy to repair and the cables are super cheap, but they break constantly for me. I’ve had to exchange the USB/speaker PCA in my Nexus twice since 2012 because it fell of a shelf and hit the cable connector.


I have no idea where the hell they go.


Nemo, bad puppy!!


Some interdimensional being is probably using them along with all of the USB chargers that disappear from my wife’s possession.


We’ve gone through many types of crappy USB Micro B cables in my household. The survivors are the Tripp-Lite UR050 series. The A end is also reversible (it doesn’t exist in 4D space). (Notable failures are the Molex 68784 series and Monoprice.)


They end up in my girlfriend’s bag. Everything ends up in there, even our friend’s hideously expensive ‘invisible’ dental braces (discovered after turning the house upside down and strenuous denials that they couldn’t possibly be in there, because why would they be). It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she somehow had all your usb cables somehow.


Are you sure she’s not housing a small black hole in there? Should we call CERN?


No. No, I am not. That bag is huge and it eats things.


We like these guys: http://www.amazon.com/Magic-T-Charging-Braided-Samsung-Android/dp/B00ZWS3ZF2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00

Long, sturdy, and brightly colored.


They come to my house, because I don’t know why I have so many!


I think they turn up in my cupboard. I seem to have an endless supply of USB chargers and cables. And none of them ever seem to break. I even have some old BlackBerry and webOS chargers and cables which I plan to donate to the Science Museum.

There is a theory that some people are sources and some are sinks for various things, which is why some people are always losing socks, coat hangers, paper clips and ballpoint pens, while others are always finding them. I even have a freezer full of the snows of yesteryear, they just build up. Somewhere a French poet is probably wondering where his have got to.


All it will take is one person with a vulgar mind to derail this thread completely. Fortunately I do not have such a mind.


Well, as long as it has that 18 “Mounth” Warranty, what could possibly go wroung?


Are micro usb cables the new lighter?

“Ok, everyone check their pockets before they leave. Who has my micro usb cable?”


I don’t lose my cables. The micro ends simply always get destroyed by friends(?) who try to jam them into their iPhones. :disappointed:



This is what happens to all the safety pins, anyway: http://www.leprecon.org/w62/OrAllTheSeasWithOysters.pdf


“Never Lose Anything Again - Tile Locates Your Keys in Seconds‎”

“Find Lost Items In Seconds”

Anyone have any experience with those RFID tiles that are supposed to help you locate lost keys/keyrings? Do these work?

If yes, maybe use a metal jump ring to attach those tiles to the USB cables Jason’s house is swallowing like a black hole?

Disclaimer: I have zero experience with using RFIDs to keep track of things. I have zero financial or other interests in the two companies whose links appear here.