$7 replacement thermometer for my BBQ

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Be sure to calibrate it if it’s possible on that unit. Most dial type BBQ thermometers are wildly inaccurate.

Boil up some water and put the probe in. Use this tool to check your accuracy. http://www.csgnetwork.com/h2oboilcalc.html

Hopefully your unit can be adjusted.

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Calibration is a decent idea but they’re wildly innacurate for other reasons than just calibration. Most of them just don’t read finely enough to begin with. And they’re placed all wrong for giving you a useful temp.

But they’re still useful any temp bearing from inside the hood is good. And you gotta plug that hole with something might as well be a thermometer. Given even a good one won’t read accurately without an absurdly long probe, might as well be a cheap one.

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$7 replacement thermometer for my BBQ

You’re replacing your BBQ with a thermometer? But how do you cook food on a thermometer?

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I have an electric smoker that’s missing it’s thermometer up at the top. Just a 2’ hole where it pressed into place. Thermometer was designed to be removable for cleaning and well…it got lost. I patched the hole with a small square of aluminum flue tape ( what is used for sealing up leaks on the external exhaust flue of a woodstove). Thermometer was replaced with an older dial type meat thermometer by just poking a hole in the flue tape and letting it hang there…

World well enough right!

There are better quality hood thermometers. But they pricey. And the ones that work best have absurdly long probes to position the operative part in the right spot. Intended for smokers where there’s more head space to accomadate that big old probe. In a grill… Well that probe tends to get in the way.

I’ve tried. Impractical.

No bezel-less OLED display? No WiFi connection? What kind of shit is this?

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I use Maverick digital probes myself. But if you are going to use a dial, might as well make sure it’s at least close to accurate.

Yeah but they’re not neccisarily getting more accurate with calibration. If even when calibrated they read 5 or more degrees in either direction, variably. Or if the dial can’t convey precise temp your still sort of boned. And even if they avoid those issues (like the pricey ones) they’re still positioned up in the dome rather than down where the food is. So they are functionally giving you the wrong temp. (hence the super long probes on some of them).

So their utility is limited to giving a rough bearing. I like the maverick/redicheck model (seems to sell under a bunch of brand names). Though mine ended up melting a bit. Think I need a new one.

By chance, do you know of any $7 replacement Airhead speedometers?

Ebay or Stoner’s stash.

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