Fantastic wireless thermometer for the BBQ or grill

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I have one of these that I use with my smoker, works perfectly.

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I got one for Jesus’ birthday. Awesome thermometer and much better and nicer than the Maverick it replaced. A lot cheaper than a Thermoworks equivalent.

You can get a better, geekier thermometer. But that money is probably better spent on an instant read which you’ll use more often and still need to double check the probe a lot of the time.

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I use my finger. I poke the meat and judge by how it gives or resists. I also measure flour and other ingredients with my hand. Not that many gizmos in the kitchen but it all seems to work out fine. In the drawers I do have a meat thermometer my cousin gave me - it’s preset to 165F and when that temperature is reached it has a small speaker that gobbles like a turkey. I use my finger.


I often do it by eye or finger if it’s a recipe I know, and this is a legit method. For new recipes, or for recipes that I sometimes undercook, I use a etekcity laser thermometer. Doesn’t measure internal temp, so sometimes have to cut into things first. Also useful as cat toy, to check your oven temp, and to check outside temperature.

I love those gizmos! Bought mine to diagnose a catalytic converter CEL.
Then spent a week measuring temps everywhere. Especially fun to see where and how hot and cold leaks from doors and windows and fridges and such.


As a semi-pro bbq’er I second ThermoPro mostly for the fact that they’re very straightforward and not fussy, unlike damn Weber bluetooth bullshit.

Could one use it to measure the, possibly somewhat residual, core temperature of a human body?
(Asking for a friend.)

Probably not. If it is freezing outside but the body is fresh, I’m guessing the inside could be quite warm but the skin temp very cold.

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