A $6 Oral thermometer, for most of the mammals in your house

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Why do we need separate living-thing thermometers? I just use an instant-read meat thermometer under my tongue.

mine lacks the accuracy.

Q: How do you tell an oral thermometer from a rectal thermometer?
A: By the taste.


I might put my instant read thermometer under my tongue, it’s kind of sharp, but OK.

Call me irrational if you want to, but I cannot think of a scenario in which I’m actually putting my meat thermometer into a cat’s asshole.


…what if the cat is dead and you’re trying to determine time of death?

/ also: Why didn’t I think of this? Solar digital thermometer.

If my cat is dead, I’m going to be crying my eyes out, not getting all CSI on the corpse of a fuzzy buddy.


If only you had checked his temperature…


I have a feeling that my sister got that experience when we were kids…
My normal core oral temp is around 97.2/97.4°F, so when I was quite young my mom seemed to learn that an oral thermometer up me bum gave a reading closer to the normal 98.6°F. We only had one oral thermometer.


Why, when you can get this sort of thermometers at the dollar store?

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If you’re running a fever over 180 degrees fahrenheit then a degree or two off in either direction probably won’t make that big a difference anyway.


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I always recommended similar thermometers to my Veterinary clients. Two suggestions: 1) get the quickest reading thermometer you can find. Your furry buddies don’t know why you’re all of a sudden interested in shoving things up their butt, and often don’t appreciate it (especially cats). 2) After you buy it, take a sharpie and color the damn thing solid black. I have separate thermometers for humans and pets, but they all live in the medicine cabinet. I’ve been horribly ill, and found myself groggily almost with a black thermometer in my mouth…


braun used to sell a similar item on amazon for the human species
but it had a circuit problem so the battery would wear out quickly
or they would just stop working [braun pro 1000]

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