7 videos of wild animals swimming in human swimming pools

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We do it too…
This is the terrifying moment when a woman tried to make friends with one of the world’s most fearsome predators.

Also this: (one of the most awesome pics evar)


I’ve seen that one and agree! It’s like, Son of David Lynch or something…

Ugh, those human animals on Animal Planet are always such melodramatic hams. I guess they’re trying to live up to the overcooked music.


BB is really freaking me out with the unicorn chaser’y fun animal vids.
Level with me Xeni, is the dinosaur killer on final approach?

When I saw the headline I was hoping for the “I totally meant to drink chlorinated water. You got a problem with that?” elephant and was not disappointed.

Years ago there was a zine dedicated to cataloging the various stunts people would pull to get close to zoo animals. My favorite involved a drunken man hanging from a polar bear enclosure, upon which the bears played pinata for a bit until they tired of it and pulled him down to search for the candy inside.
Same thing with people who want to get close to any wild animal in the woods. Hilarity often ensues.

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