Stunning video of whales swimming under the Aurora Borealis

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Absolutely stunning. Also, nice to see some footage of the Aurora that’s not in time-lapse for a change.
My only complaint is that this footage doesn’t follow that other great Norwegian tradition of ‘slow tv’. I could have that on in the background for hours.


Yes, that time-lapse thing drives me nuts. For many years I was under the impression that they change really quickly.

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Awwww yis

Those humpbacks are not just swimming, they’re doing something far more rare and interesting - they’re bubble net feeding. I saw this behavior in Alaska, and it’s unforgettable.


Video is blocked.

Actually YouTube says it was removed by the user.

and @strangefriendbb
I’m still getting the vid, Perhaps it’s been reinstated.
I’m not sure they are bubble net feeding, they’re not coming up vertically, and aren’t coming out very far either, compared to other footage. These guys look a lot more laid back. There does seem to be enough of them for it though.
I also had a brief look around to see if they bubble net feed at night, but can find no information about any preferred feeding times. Perhaps they feed as and when, and it’s just easier, and hence more common to film them in the day.

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