70% of poor people on broadband subsidy will lose their connections thanks to Trump's FCC


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It’s not all bad. The FCC is also finally taking away all those free “Obama phones” given to all those “undeserving” poor people that got the Kenyan Mooslim usurper his votes. MAGAin’…


I love the peasants! The peasants are my people!


These so-called poor people have refrigerators! Many of them have color TVs! Now they want the same kind of bandwidth Verizon gives to life’s winners? They can just dial up AOL like we did back in my day.

Wait, is there still a Compuserve?


70% of poor people on broadband subsidy will lose their connections thanks to Trump’s FCC

99% of that crew voted for tRump, scratching your head, so am I.


No no no, not those poor people. The - you know - *ahem* urban ones.


ahem Thank you.


You’d know all about that, Pai, wouldn’t you?


So that means less republicans will be online? I am okay with this.


Yeah! Whats the point of having broadband access, if everyone has broadband access. How am I supposed to show the world I am rich and special.


Vox piece on Cuba from a few years ago:

America now:


Even in rural areas, the poor are well to the left of the wealthy.


I think people here are underestimating how bad it will be when this subsidy goes away. The power of distraction is more powerful than you can believe.

I mean look at how the Soviet Union adopted, promoted and heavily used television broadcasts. Not only did they see it as a way to blast non-stop propaganda to every apartment, but to also help keep people indoors at night time so they’re not out and about causing havoc and/or doing things the authoritarians hated. They also poured a lot of money and time to creating lavish productions to try to keep the people hooked. Outside of the propaganda aspect of it, this is one of the few rare things the soviets have gotten right.

What will happen when the subsidy goes away? Well students of all ages will have to rely on schools, libraries, restaurants and stores for wifi access which will also lead to these kids being out later at night/hanging out without buying stuff which in turn will lead to increased rates of harassment coming from both teens and store/restaurant staff. Criminal arrest rates could spike from just this subsidy disappearing and possibly increasing the likelihood of riots like what happened in Baltimore a few years ago. I mean look at how the failing mall industry in the US wants teens around to buy stuff in them but starts getting very antsy when those same teens start hanging for longer than the staff and older white shoppers are comfortable with. That and they’re scared of the recent trend of post-Christmas Day fight nights that were blasted non stop by conservative media outlets last year. Those same outlets wouldn’t want to admit those subsidies might actually be a huge discount compared to what will happen when it goes away when they refuse to figure those facts in.


Was it Chattanooga that was getting hailed a while back for community-based broadband? Anyone know how that’s turning out there? Seems like more communities should be doing that.




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