Huge tech coalition asks FCC to save Net Neutrality


Thanks, rich people, for saving the day again.


With nearly the entire non-telecom-industry population as well as nearly the entire non-telecom-industry industry clearly in favor of neutrality, I’ll be interested to see what rationalization Mr. Wheeler employs when he goes ahead and gives the keys to Comcast anyway.


Clearly in the name of free market.

I have to admit that I’m kind of shocked that Apple isn’t on the list of signatories. Go ahead and debate all you want about the authenticity of Apple’s ideals, but given their position as a content provider, Apple has as much to lose as anyone from a tiered internet.

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The one thing apple loves more than planned obsolescence is user lock-in. If the bitmongers get to throttle everybody who doesn’t pay, and apple pays, then everybody with an idevice will have a big incentive to stay inside apple’s ecosystem. Why buy slow, choppy amazon or google video on your ipad when you can just buy fast, smooth video from itunes?

Apple will happily pay the tolls to keep users buying from apple and only apple…

After all, they are the only ones with a voice

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