8 prints that prove you can afford quality wall art

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I like some of the lamps, are they for sale?

When I first started working at my current university I was in temporary faculty housing, which consisted of bombproof cinderblock cubicles with prison furniture. During the year they remodeled, which meant replacing the prison furniture with newer prison furniture and putting “art” like this onto the walls. Afraid that we faculty might try to steal the paintings, they bolted them on with security bolts. I dealt with this by covering them with tapestries like the mirrors at a wake, some of my colleague neighbors (who included Art faculty) adopted more drastic measures.


Honestly, if you are jonesing for ‘real’ art, hit one of your local university’s art shows, an art fair, or even secondhand stores. It may not be ‘great’ art, but you will likely find something in your style, and closer to your price range.

I kept several movie posters, in fact, I gave DH a ‘Star Wars’ (ep. 4) poster, signed by 13 cast members. Framed in the bedroom, alongside a ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ poster, likewise signed and framed. Tacky, no?




I prefer to buy my art by the pound.


Case in point, my smallest works go for only $125, and it’s original, not repro.


For hotel rooms that are going for “quirky” perhaps.
The Constance in Pasadena would love this.


Uh, most of those cost up to twice my rent.


My wife also makes a ton of original and unique wall art for less than these prices. I wonder arrangement is needed for the BB powers-that-be to promote BB member artists, such as @knoxblox or my spouse?


Just leaving this here…


I have my own thread, as does @Wanderfound, who does some great woodwork, but a BB-promoted page would be a cool idea.


Print on demand businesses are upping their game apparently.

I could do with more original art on my walls. More art in general, really. Some day I’ll bring myself to drop half a ton on that Chris Foss print I keep eyeballing…

Apparently, I still can’t afford quality art.

Also… “prints?” So they aren’t the actual paintings, but are instead reproductions? And not even limited reproductions, from what I can tell.

Even at the low prices, and especially at the high prices, that’s taking the piss.

If you find yourself with a spare half-grand in cash that you want to put toward some art, instead of buying a glorified poster, check out your local art scene. I guarantee the individual artists you buy from will appreciate it far more than whatever company is churning these out.


There are a lot of good artists out there making affordable art.

Buy locally.



And if I had a million dollars (if I had a million dollars)
Well I’d buy you some art (a Picasso or a Garfunkel)

If I had a million dollars, I could visit sooo many art museums. First stop, The Met.


“Do you think (YOUR NAME) can afford quality wall art?”

“I dunno. Based on what I’ve seen… I guess not.”

This is NOT a conversation your friends are having about you. Sign-exchange value (the social status an item confers on its owner) is real. But no one is debating the caliber of your wall art, and how it reflects on you. Unless you have a Successories motivational poster. Then they’ll fear you.

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Hell and here I have been planning on putting small work up for sale again in the 25 to 100 dollar range just because what else am I going to do with it at this point? I keep making the damned stuff after all.

Buy directly from artists and crafters. There are sooo many! It won’t appreciate in value most likely but then neither will most of the things in this post.


It’s not official, but I made a thread for our Mutant makers to promote their work here: