8-year-old, denied school picture over cool hairstyle, becomes star of own photoshoot

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that hair is awesome…i don’t get it…oh, what…oh, ok, i’m being told it is racism. ok. got it.


Fuck that school, this girl rocked that photo shoot and i’m glad someone went above and beyond to bring her joy from a shitty situation.



Pretty much is racism.

A white girl with the same hairstyle wouldn’t be treated like that.

And I could actually see a white girl with that hairdo, “hipster racist” dress codes notwithstanding…


Glad to see there’s awesome people out there. And fuck racist POS assholes.


Good dude, good photographer, and got blasted by usual elitist white soccer moms that he was encouraging kids to break the rules and such.

Glad this girl got a very deserved photo session and Jermaine has gotten the proper acknowledgement.


Racism + Other Parents = The Worst

I’d guess 100% of why they have that policy is so the principal doesn’t have to hear other (also racist) parents bitch about a kid they felt “ruined” the school picture.

I’m only three months into having a kid in elementary school and I’m still trying to figure out how to explain to her the hypocrisy of the adult world. “You can’t say that word in school because some other kid might hear it and say it in front of their parents and, even though their parents DEFINITELY use swear words, they don’t like hearing kids say them because . . . I don’t know . . . just try not to get caught, ok? And don’t draw naked people in class because, even though your Pops went to college to draw naked people, other people have too much shame about their bodies and want kids to feel that same shame . . . so just try not to get caught, ok? And while you’re trying not to get caught, don’t turn into a deceitful person, because that’s actually bad, unlike this other horseshit that parents make a fuss about. And don’t say horseshit in school.”


Beautiful child and a very awesome human being for taking those images.


I just can’t even…


How petty does some middle-aged man have to be to get upset about the hair style on an 8 year old child? Just wtf is wrong with people?


What’s wrong with her hair?


The Jackson, Michigan, school’s handbook says students’ hair color must be “of natural tones” to get their picture taken, WILX reported.

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. I’d say it again, but it isn’t exactly being read by the person I intend it for.

My kiddo (7 y/o) wanted to shave the sides of her head to do a side-buzz. I waited for her to beg for 2 weeks to make sure she was serious. Then we did it and now she friggin loves it. We let her dye it, paint her nails, wear what she wants and she’s super happy.

FFS, let kids express themselves with their appearance. You know god-damn well you did it.

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Extensions + unnatural color I think. Policing the bodies of girls and especially young POC is pretty much whole point of dress codes in schools. Most schools adopt a modesty type dress that assumes that you should be a) white, b) white with natural colored hair, c) nah that’s it…


My freshman year of high school, the authoritarian vice principal decided to crackdown on dyed hair. At my school, enforcement was less on racial lines than an attack on the hippy stoner crowd. Anyway 2 kids with bright orange hair (one dyed, the other just naturally bright orange) were called to the office and told that they had to wash out or cut of the color. Prompting Marshall (the one whos hair was naturally that color) to immediately drop trou and show the assistant principal proof of his natural hair color.

Not much changes. There are always petty authoritarian fools repressing children and occasionally there are fun stories of people throwing it back in their face


I’m glad I don’t have kids, because I’d never be able to explain that one.


She’s an adorable little kid with a great hairstyle!

Trump’s America™…



Move over 30 miles east, and hair color isn’t an issue at school. My neighbor’s daughter dyed her hair full rainbow when she was in 5th grade - wasn’t a problem at school at all.


And to reiterate a point I made upthread, they have these policies because the parents get nervous when it looks like POC are expressing themselves. Which means you’re dealing with racism from the school when they see a black hairstyle and assume it will get complaints from the parents (and would rather shame a POC than listen to parents complain) and racism from the parents who complained in the past that resulted in the policy.


So the relevant part of the dress code is:

• Hairstyles must be conservative. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. (e.g. designs shaved in the hair, shaved heads, Mohawks, mullets, Princetons, etc.) Hair color must be of natural tones.

I have no idea what a more conservative hairstyle would be in this context.

But interestingly she was not suspended from school, so she met the dress code policy. She was denied a school photo and that only requires that you wear your school uniform. So it doesn’t make sense even if you accept their policy.

School Picture Day Dress Code
Fall school pictures: Student must be in school uniform for fall pictures and any re-takes. Students not
in school uniform will not be allowed to have their pictures taken.

I am not sure how hair extensions done this way are any different then wearing a ribbon in your hair or having a hairband…and the extensions were school colors!

The whole dress code is here:


When I was in school (a very white child in antediluvian times), it was fashionable to braid these in our hair

This school has manufactured outrage and her hair ought to be a non issue. But, racism …