8-year-old drummer performs Led Zeppelin


I dont think its that complex: she’s listening to the song on earbuds, so they record a clean version of her performance. First they mix the audio of her performance and the original song with Audacity, then merge this audio and video with Handbrake. For the picture-in-picture effect, they could have used OBS.


Monotonous ticking of a metronome is not everyone’s bag.



Classical musicians have known this law for decades.


That was interesting. Thanks.

(There really is just no way to say “genre” without sounding condescending is there?)


Check out the finesse single kick at :24 - :27. This kid’s good.

She makes the best drum face ever! Pure joy.

(Don’t get me wrong, sitting on that drum chair playing along to your favorite rock n’ roll tunes… damned, you feel like a god! Everyone should do it – it’s good for the soul! But when I’m trying to hit all my marks it looks like I’m in pain.)


My kids drove me crazy playing this. (Grandkids now…)


We are apparently in the age of ageless pop music. My 19 year old son loves and plays early 70s Folk rock like Neil Young, CCR, and James Taylor, and apparently there’s plenty of kids at his college familiar with this music. If I had been listening to music made 30 years before I was born it would be Al Jolson!

My daughter describes her taste as 90s alternative. She also says old music isn’t pop music, that pop is only what’s current.


Holy crap! What the hell?! How does…? But she’s… wow.


She’s eight fucking years old, man!
The transmigration of Bonham’s soul LIVES.


Ripe old age of 10 or 13, it’s unclear - - check out Ryuga Uchida from Japan (!):


Something else - other really talented kids with lots of practice can mimic - she recreates and owns it. I don’t believe in reinccarnation but there’s some morphic resonance going on here

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