Watch Dave Grohl's 8-year old daughter rock the drums with the Foo Fighters


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I hope she uses hearing protection-- most of the drummers I know have hearing problems (and that’s not some music school joke.)


i love this so much. what a cool dad, encouraging his daughter to do whatever the frack she wants.


So many positive lessons here.

She will, she will, rock you!


Dave Grohl has always been a huge hero of mine, any time he’s on stage or doing whatever he always seems to be having a good time with it while still being grounded (for a rock star). Good to see that his daughter is into playing as well :slight_smile: wonder what kind of music she’ll be making some years from now.


Yea, I find the positive energy infectious and it’s awesome to see his kid playing. I’ve been a fan since the first record came out and have seen them on several tours - it’s always a great show.


Ah man i would love to see them live, haven’t had the chance yet. Some day :slight_smile: I know they’ve toured by me a few times already but it’s usually during a time when i can’t afford to buy tickets or have too much going on.


Fun Fact: “We Will Rock You” was the “B” side.


So friggin cool. Bravado of the young.
Thanks for sharing that.


Among many others with serious hearing problems…


Haters gonna hate.

(edit: Oh. . . you were serious. I just found out he does have hearing loss, I thought you were mocking his music.)


The Foo Fighters have a new song called, “Run.”

There’s been a lot of 90s groups putting out some of their best music in the '10s. Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Prodigy, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, D’Angelo, Missy Elliot, … does Beyonce count?.. David Bowie definitely doesn’t count as 90s but lets add him anyway.


Not at all. He’s a great drummer and a solid pop song writer. Although I prefer Gabriel era Genesis, Collins era wasn’t terrible, just poppier.

And he has serious hearing loss, which is indeed why I posted his picture. It’s why he’s retired now for the most part, at least from drumming.


I can’t even get my 8 year old to sing with his classmates for assemblies at school. To be fair, if they were singing Foo Fighters songs for these assemblies, he’d crush it. It’s mom and dad’s fault, but they’re his favorite band.


100% in agreement.


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