Foo Fighters rickroll audience with a very special guest

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Dave Grohl continues to delight.


That just brought a big smile to my face.


I’m not big on live performances but I’d kill to see this. Figuratively speaking.

On a side note:


Yeah, the Foo Fighters seem to know how to have a good time on tour.


He seemed like he was trying much too hard. Too bad, it’s a pretty laid-back song.

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A colleagues’ better half took a terminally ill child to see the Foo Fighters as one of those dying wish type schemes. The band spoke to the kid before the show, name checked him during the show, and then hung around with him for an HOUR after the show. That’s value for money from any hero. :wink:


I was just thinking how odd it must be to sit on the sidelines during the start of the bands set, come on for one number and give it your best shot, and then head off back in to the wings for the rest of the performance. It must be a very odd life.

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One of the first songs i ever heard from Foo Fighters was There Goes My Hero. I’m sure i had heard some Nirvana at that point but wasn’t particularly a huge fan or not, just aware of them (Though i really really liked the MTV Unplugged set). Then i found out the backstory to Grohl and that he wrote There Goes My Hero in dedication to Cobain. Ever since i’ve always admired and respected him, he seems to have a lot of fun and tries to stay fairly down to earth.


I love it when bands acknowledge (embrace?) things like that mashup, and even have fun with it on stage.


Whoops Rick, watch out for your entry point!

Is (was) Rickrolling a thing in Japan?

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Hmmm. Excellent question, i might have to check! But my hunch is that they might at least be aware of it, i know there’s a lot of exchange in memes between different areas. I’ve seen quite a number of funny memes originate from China or Japan, i would imagine the opposite happens as well. If anything they might know of the meme even if they don’t find it as amusing as we do in this part of the world.

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