Watch Dave Grohl break his leg during concert and return to finish show

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Mensch! But imagine if he had used it as an opportunity for comedy. The possibilities!

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seems pretty clear that he just sealed his rock & roll legendary status.

Everyone in the band seems just so awesome in this video. They’re total pros all the way and clearly (a) love what they do, (b) love their fans, and © love Dave.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is how a pro does it.


It was Friday, not Saturday, and based on the timestamps on my photos he was gone for around 18 minutes, not an hour.

But yes, it was more awesome than I know how to describe.

I’ve seen the Foo Fighters multiple times over the years going back to the late 90’s and you’re right.
What I love about them is that they make it very obvious that they love what they do. Dave Grohl is not an act. The series they did for HBO shows that, too.

This is how a troll does it:

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When in pain, Dave Grohl morphs into a black preacher from a rock church.

By the way, it was a rather severe break:

Yep, that’s how Dave Grohl rolls. I got a chance to talk with him in a personal setting at a mutual friend’s house back in the early 90’s and he was an incredibly humble dude even as Nirvana was exploding. I’d expect no less from such a great guy that he pulled this shit off for his fans today.

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