Watch the Foo Fighters rickroll Westboro Baptist Church protestors


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Ha ha ha ha!



The best way to defuse them is to surround them with happy, colourful, dancing people.


I’m surprised the cult outlived its leader. Who is powering the hate machine now?


Family members, litigation and of course, tax-exemption.


Everything I’ve seen/heard seems to indicate that Dave Grohl is the real deal.

I hope it’s true.


He really seems like a genuinely nice guy.


I’m sure that in a very literal sense its become the family business. Also pretty sure in their hearts these guys see themselves as celebrities who just show up to stuff like Paris Hilton and everybody just starts taking their picture as if they were onto something with their stupid childish signs. I like Dave and this is cute but I wish the memo to ignore these guys was getting around more, I’m pretty sure every time they show up in a new story its just fuel for the fire at the next gay soldiers funeral or whatever it is that the all powerful and all loving God just keeps allowing to happen to this rock in space that He built exclusively for good christian families 6000 years ago.


I’m not sure ignoring them works. I’d rather see them turned into gay icons. If there’re dancing boys at their every protest it’s gonna be pretty hard to just pray-the-gay-away.


Possibly, couldn’t hurt. Just tired of seeing energy wasted on people who are just trolling the country like its some chatroom.

Side note - a part of me seriously wonders if Phelps when he was alive was some performance artist like Andy Kaufman and this is just the extreme form of a social experiment. Think about all the advances made socially through protest. I think this could be some kind of joke making fun of the very idea of protesting, that look, just because you stand outside with a sign doesn’t mean you are in the right or should get your way. Even if they aren’t reaching any of their goals they are in their own way trying to make the type of people who engage in protesting look out of touch and self centered. Don’t like or agree just trying to make sense of why people would keep doing this for decades with no particular end in sight nor goal in reach.


In-group ritual bonding activity?


I love this. But I wish it hadn’t led to me discovering (thanks to haters posting on various FB posts about this) Nate Mendel’s support of an AIDS-denialist group in 2000, and Taylor Hawkins’ much more recent support of anti-vaxxers. I genuinely wanted to love all those guys unconditionally.


Nobody is perfect.
Expecting or requiring perfection is a sure recipe for disappointment.


Yeah, but there’s always that moment when you realize that entertainers you love are just people too, and despite doing many awesome things, still fall victim to quacks.


This is pretty much what I’ve decided. I don’t think it’s true, but if I ever get the chance to meet these folks, I’m going to assume it is, and thank them profusely for their hysterical satire and sticking it to those ignorant Christians- Earnestly insisting the whole time that I understand they can’t break character to respond, but no, I really get what they’re doing. I encourage people to do likewise.


Corollary: Never meet a hero. It’s the surest way to lose one.


Alternatively, don’t idealize your heroes.


Those dimwits don’t even know what a Rickroll is. Totally lost on them.


Sometimes the whooshing sound of low pass above their heads adds to the joke.


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