Fred Phelps, 1929-2014


Ding dong, at last.


So, who’s up for a funeral protest?


I have a demon suit and can make several “HELL Welcomes Fred Phelps” signs.


what I posted on reddit and the Dizzy thread about this:

To all the people saying “ooh dont give them the attention, show them how meaningless they are”. They won’t see that. They will see it as a gracious and generous show of respect for an elder statesman. They deserve nothing less than they have dished out.
Make them feel like shit for a change.
Make them fearful of attending a loved one’s funeral.
Make them the ones who have to beg for dignity.
I hope he has a long, drawn out, terrible illness and I hope he suffers as much as he and his kind have made other people suffer.


It’s also Fred Roger’s birthday, which is something far more wonderful to celebrate.


Revenge is not justice.
Becoming your enemy is not winning the war.


He was a pitiful excuse of a human being. But I will not sink to his level. I say, don’t disrupt his funeral. Don’t post crap about him. Let his legacy be left to stand on its own. A legacy of Hate. A legacy that should be left to fade away and quickly forgotten.


No, CaptainPedge, I won’t do that, and I’d discourage others from doing that as well. You don’t make the world better by being horrible to other people. That only makes things worse for everyone. I can’t determine what kind of person other people will be- I can’t decide to make the Westboro Baptist Church a group of kind, and caring people. But I can decide who I want to be.


I try not to take joy in the death of any person no matter how hateful they are. But I certainly do hope that his cult of personality withers away and dies soon after his death.


Amen to that.But still,Hell got a new inmate today


I wonder,if they perhaps buried him in a giant oven bag as it is gonna get very hot where Phelps is going.

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i’m more interested in the rumors about him being excommunicated from his own church, because he got sick and was therefore “weak” – and, on top of that, that perhaps members of his church helped him commit suicide.

I seriously hope that nobody except his little posse of brainwashed hate-mongers shows up to the funeral.


Admittedly, these people THRIVE on their persecution complex. They love to see themselves as desperately fighting to persevere in the face being attacked. Ignoring them does challenges that belief.

I won’t try to stop anyone from picketing his funeral—free country and all—but I think that’s exactly the kind of response his family is probably hoping for. That church (insomuch that it can be called a “church”) thrives on anger, its lifeblood is controversy and offense and publicity. I think the best response to Phelps’ passing is to imagine what he would do in a similar situation, then do the opposite.

Phelps was an extremely unpleasant human being who brought a lot of pain and sadness into this world, and he directed no small portion of that pain and sadness toward the angry brainwashed saps in his family who strut around with those horrible picket signs. He died a man who was almost universally reviled, apparently even within his own clan.

Don’t celebrate Phelps’ death. Mourn his life.


Unfortunately, like many with a persecution complex they also suffer from extremely heavy confirmation bias. Anyone ignoring them isn’t a challenge to their belief, it’s just the period of time before the next instance of “persecution”.

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Who could be bothered?

Thats fine, if you’re not interested in getting caught up in this kind of thing out of how it makes you feel personally.
My issue is with those people who say that they are some how claiming some higher ground. The members of this cult don’t get subtlety. They will tell themselves and anyone who listens that people are showing them respect and reverence. They don’t deserve that victory. They deserve to be put through the same upset they have put others through.

Just opinions though.

I’m on the fence about this notion of protesting his funeral. A part of me thinks it would be just desserts, but the rest of me thinks it would be putting too much effort into validating this hate-filled family. My best hope is that he was the locus of hate, and his absence will cause the band to break up.

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