Privileged Florida man complains that Bud Light's Mulvaney cans led him to "hell on Earth" (video)

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I mean… this is driven by hatred of trans people… but sure… “drama”…


AKA “I have suffered mildly due to my continued bigotry of marginalised people.”

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What’s your point?


Seems to be lots of people unwilling to take fascists seriously…


A lot of people aren’t under fire.



What kind of knife is the most social, I wonder?

The Cleaver is pretty neighborly but in an idealized 1950s Americana sort of way. There’s the Paring knife, of course, but it’s weirdly obsessed with matchmaking. And then of course there’s the Boning knife…


They will be, but until then, it’s all a joke, I guess…


The audacity of these people to call anyone “Snowflakes” I freakin’ swear to glob…


It’s for Apple Pie, bigots love it.


Shocking! A magamaniac gets his delicate feelings hurt because of a beer can. (Per usual, every “snowflake” accusation is a confession.)


Seven years ago I made a comment here about how Daesh had wiped out all trans people in Iraq (There were some, even during the Saddam Hussein years). Now we are facing the same in the UK and USA, and people still don’t want to accept that it can happen here.

That’s assuming that they don’t want it to happen. It’s easy to say trans rights when you don’t actually believe in them, when what matters now is action.


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I have the feeling that this guy’s life is a never-ending succession of Hell on Earths.



And the “mild suffering” is just “I have been reminded of the fact that those marginalized people exist”


This is the actual letter he sent to Budweiser. Wackadoodle doesn’t quite cover it.

I am disgusted by what you have done and what you are doing. You are the one causing this division and anger in our society.

You are responsible for making some of the gay community think Grills does not welcome them. And you knew EXACTLY what you were doing when you launched this campaign. How could you not? “Good ole boy beer…meets Dylan Mulvaney? Hmm. Let’s see what that does to the country.” NOBODY is that stupid.

This goes way beyond transgenderism. This wasn’t a marketing mistake. Your corporation knew the fire storm they would ignite in this country but chose to do it anyway. I pray all our eyes are opened as to why.

Our current plan is to eliminate Bud and Bud Light from our locations and replace it with a locally brewed, much higher quality Pilsner. Reference to all other Anheuser-Busch brands will be eliminated. This includes but is not limited to all promotional items such as umbrellas, neon lights, coasters, and apparel.

Grills Restaurants and Sunrise Marina will not co-sponsor or seek endorsement from Anheuser-Busch for any local events, such as fishing and golf tournaments that we have jointly promoted for nearly three decades. We are going to pray deeply about whether we should vaporize all your brands and corporate corruption from all our restaurants and shift to all locally brewed beer. Decision pending.

To the gay and trans community. We do love you and all of us have close friends or family who are gay and some who are considering this option. There is no judgment in my heart towards you. Life has delt us all a different hand I have no explanation for the pain some have endured. I care about you, and I know it’s been a tough ride for many. But I cannot believe surgically altering a human body is the best form of suicide prevention we have available. Is this really the best option the AMA (American Medical Association) has for a child or young adults? If it is, then it’s time to look somewhere else. But my Biblical faith tells me there is something much deeper and darker than bad medical and psychiatric care.

Transgenderism is reaching younger and younger children, now under the veil of sports urgency. It does irreversible damage to young bodies before their own minds can make adult decisions about that choice. NOBODY should take that right away from a developing child. There ARE dark-hearted, profiteering “medical” corporations using mind control “affirmation” techniques, to profit from 300K alterations of perfectly healthy children.

That to me is the epitome of evil and Anheuser-Busch Corporation is clearly in partnership with it. I will not align with that in any way.

To the community at large.

Thank you so much for the support over the years and I am grateful for so many words of encouragement and prayers now.

Let’s remember Dylan Mulvaney and anyone who doesn’t agree with this position is not our enemy. As Christians we need to pray in fear and trembling instead of screaming in rage and anger or we gravely miss the mark of love we were called to exhibit.

‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; Rev 18:4.
In Love, Fear and Trembling.

– Joe Penovich
Grills Restaurants

Ps-PSA. As a Christian I do pray about the scourge of Alcohol for many people. I know more and more people personally that are getting benefits from proper cannabis use in fighting that battle. If you’re struggling in that area, I’d much rather you stay at home, pray and beat the grip, than come to my bar. Felt God told me to share that as well! Love you all. God Bless.


By standing on our biblical faith

Would that be the part about treating others the way you wish to be treated or caring for your fellow man? St. Pete and I are just keeping score and want to be sure we get it right.


My transdaughter just started hormones in an environment where their existence is being legally and violently threatened, but this fucker is worried about some beer with the wrong picture on it that he did not have to buy and that in no harmed him or his family.

Fuck - and I cannot stress this enough - him and the rest of the christo-fascist pricks