88 nonillion imaginary artworks for the Tate


Unfortunately, Intellectual Ventures says it has patents on 88,577,208,667,721,179,117,706,090,119,164 of them.

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Dwarf Fortress beat them to it.

A not atypical mechanically generated description of a legendary artifact, from a talk page on the wiki: “Mangrodkast `Ashamed Genius’: a fire imp leather shield”:

This is a fire imp leather shield. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encrusted with bauxite, decorated with leopard leather, and encircled with bands of fire imp leather, sturgeon leather, red diamond, green tourmaline, and nickel. This object is adorned with hanging rings of yellow diamond, donkey leather, and groundhog leather. On the item is an image of a cave spider in green diamond.
On the item is an image of Ashamedgenius the fire imp leather shield in cave spider silk.
On the item is an image of dwarves in yellow zircon. The dwarves are traveling. The artwork relates to the founding of Archspears by the Vestibule of Utterances of The Rags of Excavation in 30.


It’s amusing to try and reverse engineer the way it maps the id to a display:


The work is made of Acrylic tape, Acrylic tape and Acrylic tape.

It displays the qualities of photographic, photographic and photographic.

It talks about horror, horror and horror, whilst embracing creation, creation and creation.

Note the symbolic quotation, quotation and quotation.


See also: http://www.artybollocks.com/

This website would be 88,577,208,667,721,179,117,706,090,119,168 times cooler if they actually figured out a way to visually break down the images and remix them instead of just doing that for the descriptions.

Yeah, but isn’t it cool to imagine what the following would look like in your mind’s eye?

The work is made of Cork panels, Monoprint and Gelatin silver print.
It displays the qualities of rhythm, sound and chance.
It talks about grief, vulnerability and shame, whilst embracing transformation, regeneration and division.
Note the symbolic Welsh text, rose of Jacobite and morse code.

Artist Jonas Lund took a similar approach but instead of leaving it at words he set out to really build his algorithmically generated artworks. Some of them are actually quite interesting. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/05/jonas-lund-art-algorithm_n_4214211.html

It struck me that these are not only representations of existing artworks…

Really? So the Tate doesn’t yet boast 8.8 x 10^31 works of art? If every living human got busy dashing off one an hour, we could be done in only 2 x 10^18 years. Unfortunately, if the works averaged only 1kg, they would not only produce a crushing force of gravity, but would actually begin fusion before we were done. This is a difficult project.

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How very Borgesian. We can perhaps imagine the Museum of Babel; (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Library_of_Babel) viz. an enormous expanse of interlocking hexagonal rooms, each of which contains the bare necessities for human survival and one example of the universe of all possible art objects. Even though most of these look like a 3D model of a cat designed by Picasso, some say that every existing piece of art is curated somewhere within the museum. However if the museum is itself an Art, we must postulate the Museum of all possible Museums in a Cantor-ian redux. What troubled Russell and Whitehead and as Godel ratified, this leads us inexorably to the conclusion that all museums must contain Art that cannot be described using the system of artistic analysis implicit in their catalogues.


Sigh… I could be not reading about Godel’s incompleteness theorem right now. I’d probably be happier too.

I so badly wanted to believe that in an infinite universe math can explain all things in a perfect way. But it’s all for naught since the incompleteness theorem is proven.

I appreciate how you go to this statement. What it actually says, though, would have to placed in the “no shit” category.

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“And menaces with spikes of spider silk”.

These read a little bit like item descriptions from Dwarf Fortress.

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I especially like that Dwarf Fortress’s generated art work often dipicts events that happened in the game. Unfortunately, that means my dwarves were forever creating carvings of dwarves being stomped to death by elephants and the like.

Yeah, kind of, but the explanations are so generic that they have no weight and end up not really saying much to me, either.

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