92 Minutes of Shanghai Disneyland and pirates, too!

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Personally, I find the Spider Man and the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey rides at the Islands of Adventure half of Universal Orlando to be about my limit from a motion sickness point of view. The disconnect between the actual motion and implied motion on the screen to be a bit nausea inducing. OTOH the Escape from Gringots ride on the other side was much easier to take because the high def filmed bits were more like interludes between the exciting, violent motion.

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Haven’t done the Spider-Man one, but agree 100% on Forbidden Journey (thoroughly nauseating if you get motion-sick) and Escape from Gringotts (not bad at all for motion sickness - the best ride I was on in Orlando that had any motion simulation at all).

I found the Simpsons ride much, much worse than Forbidden Journey, though.

The Simpsons ride is the old Back to the Future Ride, just rethemed. It always made people nauseous, myself included.


That skeleton to Johnny Dep transition was pretty impressive.

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