9Beautiful, free/open 3D printed book of lost Louis H. Sullivan architectural ornaments

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I would have arranged for positives and negatives to be on facing pages. Is that just me?

That would seem to make sense however a few seem to be deeper that the thickness of the “page” so having positive and negative on two sides of the same page means the negative can go through the page since the positive on the other side will mean there is always enough space (assuming no insanely impractical architectural ornaments)

Making the “page” as thick as the greatest protrusion of the ornaments would allow them to be displayed opposite each other. It would also allow the two half pages to be printed separately and connected and probably have less issues in the printing.

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I live in an old city and it’s nice to know that people are out there documenting the hand-built-edness of such places. Very cool book!


Tribune explains my thinking pretty well. Although i do like the idea of having them on facing pages. i am also planning to incorporate either a QR code / AR tracker or a 2D printed photo of the building in the inserts top left of each page.

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thank you!

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Thank you!

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