Video: How books used to be made




Cool, but they did kind of skip over that you also have to print the reverse side of that sheet with the other 8 pages of text to complete the signature (the single sheet that is folded to make 16 pages when trimmed). That might be obvious to a printer, but not necessarily to us who aren’t familiar with the process, presumably the audience the video is intended for.


So THAT’s why spines on leather books have those raised horizontal bits! I thought they were purely decorative.


Yes, although with modern, mass produced “leather” books the bands on the spine are skeuomorphism - imitation of the original without actually having any cords sewn to the signatures.


Can anyone else get videos like this to play on the BBS link? I can see them on the main BB link, if someone posts a video in a comment and if someone posts a video straight to the BBS, but I just get [javascript:void (0)] here if the main topic is a video.


I think the embedded video from original posts have been borked for a while. Still works fine in normal posts, though.


THANK YOU for teaching me a new word! I guess another example of skeuomorphism would be those fake plastic mullions that come with so many windows.

Skeuomorphism. I am going to try to work that into conversation in the next 24 hours…


Oh, you beat me to it.

I learned ‘ascertain’ from Kids in the Hall.


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