Bent book bookends


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I’m guessing that it is artificial. Assouline doesn’t seem to sell (or have sold) “The light of Monte Carlo”. They have sold “The light of” several cities though.

This appears to be a render. It’s not the pixels that give it away, it’s the consistent grey shadows, the smooth highlights, and lack of very small details in surface noise, wear, perfect alignment of elements, etc. The image could have been rendered with Vray (my personal favorite) or Mental Ray (also great).

Still, rendered or real… it’s cute! They would need to be cast in something heavy, right? Maybe resin would work, to keep the from being shoved aside by tilting books.

Conceptually, these are exquisite. They need to exist in a form with enough mass to do the job; somebody please - make it so!

Dunno about rendering, but that’s not a real Everyman’s Library R. L. Stevenson: they’re much more attractively rounded on their edges, much more commodiously fashioned to look at and to hold. The copy on the shelf looks like library binding to me, maybe a Shoop?

The pages of the bent books wouldn’t be still aligned, unless the books’ covers and pages were steam bent…and were actually made of wood, not paper.

'Shop, if you ask me.

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Дмитрий Куляев

Is it a thing now to leave Cyrillic untransliterated? Fortunately, that’s one of very few non-Roman alphabets I know, so I can help by fellow BBers out by telling them it’s “Dmitri Kulyaev”–but I hope I’m not also going to have to learn kanji or Arabic to get through my daily “wonderful things”.

Oh, and on-topic: render or not, I love the idea of those bookends…I hope they make it into production at some point.


I think I’d be more impressed if they were Daliesque giant melting pocket watches, though I suppose that imagery is kinda clichéd.

I would have rendered it as Dmitriy. Throw any foreign name at the BB community and I’m sure one of us will provide the transliteration.

Came here to say something similar. I’m getting used to untranslated Russian titles because all cat videos seem to be from Russia, but others may not be patient enough to learn another language written in another alphabet.

Wouldn’t be hard. Materials for a book cover (cardboard, fabric or leather, some silkscreening or painting or stencil work to apply the spine title and any decorative pattern); padded stacks of paper to represent the page edges, and a rounded-L-shaped hunk of wood or plaster or other material to give it mass. You’d probably want to make sure the bottom of the L is sufficiently heavy to keep it stable when unsupported.

There’s probably a better way to do it; that’s just the first one that comes to mind.

Doing it for mass production would be a different kettle of worms. But it’s certainly possible; stranger things are available off the shelf.

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