A 1,000-year-long-song for your phone


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Jem’s a really sharp guy, so I think he fully realizes the irony that most of his listeners are using phones they’ll dispose of in a year - whenever Apple releases their next HOT THING - and knows that just adds to the artistic statement here. The song transcends your fickle consumerism and gnat-like attention span.


But does it blend? And how long until the remixes comeout? Is it on vinyl? with a download code?


This is beautiful and meditative. I instantly thought of something like the Maths of Anathem where this composition might be continued over centuries of thoughtful playing, not because of a god or gods but because humans enjoy beauty and contemplation, and time is a deep and wonderous thing to contemplate.


this beats the 639 y duration of John Cage’s “As slow as possible” but that one is at least performed live, without an App.


I hate getting this song stuck in my head, it never seems to end.


I liked it, but I got tired of listening to it.


There have been at least live excerpts played:


And there seems to be at least one android app that will play it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nardrone.soundbells


I’m working on the lyrics.


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