A 15-year-old's new Apple museum

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Um, um, um…

Oh man - last image, left side: that’s an Apple Network Server, circa mid-90s. As a young tween Apple fan, I lusted for these magnificent devices: fat towers with seven drive bays and six PCI slots. I used to catch only rare glimpses of them in the magazines of the day: MacWorld, MacUser, MacAddict. 20 years later, I’m in IT. I’ve never seen one in person, and I’d still love to get a look at the guts up close.


Does he have a Colby Systems portable? Or an Outbound Kangaroo portable for that matter?

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Apparently this kid’s been charging a whole lot more than I did for lawnmowing services. Good heavens, this collection is multiple tens of thousands of dollars, easily. A working Apple 1, alone, sells at auction for over $300k.


Yeah that’s gotta be one slick lawnmowing operation!

Either that, or he’s got a real good spiel about a good foreverhome for the computers, a museum!


Given that he got his hands on a Carnegie museum for free, I’m thinking the latter.

I might have been a bit of an atypical child, in some ways.
I had posters of my dream bicycles hanging on my wall (and not the bog-standard lamborghini), and I, too @GeekMan lusted after the newest hot-shit macs from back in the day. I still have a sweet spot for a Quadra 840av.

This kids has a hell of a hobby- and, if he carefully maintains it, I’m seeing a college fund when the time comes.

But I’m having a somewhat hard time believing this is all from lawn-mowing money (as @nungesser points out), as there are a number of rare/expensive devices in there.


Original article here:

More background from a paper in Maine:

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This brings back memories of when I asked my father if I could have an Apple for Christmas and he said, “Hell, son, for Christmas I’ll get you a whole bushel.


I was figuring that when lawn mowing, when it came time to collect the money he’d say “that’s ten dollars, but if you have any old Macs around, I’ll take them in trade”.

The lawnmower story sounds better, but donations make more sense. There was a time when I either got old computers or were offered them, so I could have had ä decent collection of home computers in general. I do have some, plus the ones I bought new. But I was looking for something better, rather than collecting. So by the time I found that Mac II at a garage sale for five dollars, I’d lost interest…

I have been seeing local ads for “older” computers, recently, people putting a premium price on tem, promoting them as collector items. I’m not sure some of them were rare enough for the prices.


I am clearly in the wrong career. I should have gone into lawnmowing.

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He’ll probably end up being sued by Apple for using the name 'Apple Museum" and wind up having to sell all that stuff to pay his lawyers. No good deeds ever go unpunished!


Nah, Apple loves this stuff. They lawyer up in a hot second if you infringe on their trademarks to sell stuff, but they’re historically big supporters of Apple fanboying. Woz will probably be there on opening day along with Jony Ive.

I’d hope so. I had a ][gs Woz edition back in the day. My first PC. If I still had it today I’d give it to the kid.

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Oh man, ENVY, even to this day.

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It’s remarkable that almost 30 years on i can brag. What hardware!

I remember waiting for the release of the //gs, calling Apple (via phreaking, of course, long distance was expensive) to confirm the details, then laughing and laughing with my Amiga 1000 buddies about how primitive it was.

(We had switched from Apple to Amiga, skipping the Mac because it was hellaciously expensive.)

The use of a 2.8 MHz clock was a marketing decision intended to limit the IIgs’ performance to a level lower than that of the Macintosh, a decision that had a critical effect on the Apple IIgs’ success.[2] In actuality, the 65C816 processor was capable of running at a much higher clock rate.

Thanks, Jobs. (Looks like 4-5Mhz was easily possible, and some later versions even went to 20Mhz. But since the Mac had no colors, no fancy sound… it had to be crippled.)

Also: holy cow?


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