Caviar picks up where Vertu left off

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De gustibus and all that aside, I really have to question the underlying character of anyone who finds garbage like this “elegant” and “chic”.


Test Your Stupidity, Fool and His Money


The Apple I one is extra stupid, because it is clearly trying to evoke this image:

That image is what everyone associates with “Apple I” to the point that people think Apple sold it like that, or that it was one that belonged to Woz.

That charmingly crooked wooden case was made by a buyer of an Apple I which was later donated to the Smithsonian, but it has no official association with Apple or the Apple I at all. Apple sold that machine as a bare board and people made their own cases for them. For whatever reason, this particular case by this guy (who’s name I used to know but it escapes me now) went viral as “The Apple I”.

So this stupid phone case is mimicking a phony meme from a google image search, not to put too fine a point on it.


which pretty much encapsulates the business model…


With airport luxury brands you can at least see how the dirtbag rich could be taken in. But the fact this is set up as a print-on-demand merch site makes it impossible for even a shoeless farmhand to mistake it for “classy”; it’s just a way to get rid of money.

I’d assume it was money laundering or some other financial scam, but something tells me it’s too dumb and conspicuous to be anything other than the straightforward argument against humanity it appears to be.


I actually had the privilege of seeing a real-live Apple I when it was still relevant, at a computer show when I was still in grade school. It was in a wooden case, too, but one that looked like a great deal of care went into it. By '81 the family had an Apple II. I can still distinctly remember the characteristic startup sound of the floppy drive head being unceremoniously slammed into Track 0.

One of the other machines I remember seeing at that show was an Altair 680b, a rarity in its own right that was powered by a Motorola 6800 and was not at all compatible with S-100 systems. There was also a Texas Instruments mini that was running Adventure on several terminals.


Ah, yes, the desecration case, where you celebrate your love of Apple history and products by paying Caviar to buy one of the only intact Apple I computers still in existence and cut it up into tiny scraps.

Noting says “I Love Apple!” quite like decorating your phone with the dissected corpse of an iconic original Apple computer.

(I’m not sure if it’s ever been clarified if Caviar is actually putting real Apple one bits on their phone cases, or just charging like they are.)


Sounds great! Shut up and take my money!

I still have my Apple II and use it regularly. :grinning: Come on over to the retrocomputing community if you’re interested in this stuff.


Wayne's World__Wayne__I was not aware of that


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