A 17-year-old is leading Michigan's Right to Repair movement

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What? How is that legal? Aren’t there consumer-rights laws in the US?


There are “consumer rights” laws, mainly created and paid for by corporations that serve to do the opposite of what their name suggests.


Kids these days with their activism and creativity and youthful energy and enthusiasm and resourcefulness and helping people and saving people money and keeping crap out of landfills.

Best of luck to Surya and all of the other young people making their way in life, in this brave new world.


I love how Apple makes a big deal over how green they are, yet they are the worst offenders as far as making their devices notoriously difficult to repair. They also require that any Apple electronic that gets “recycled” be completely shredded, instead of having choice parts sourced off them for re-use.


:rage: While I’m all for private enterprise and people earning a good living: that is a metric crapton of high tech kit that people just can’t seem to take care of! In the ~20 years I’ve had mobile/smart devices, only ever lost one, and never broke a screen (which I suspect is a large percentage of said repairs).

Seriously guys and gals: maybe just try not to drop the shiny, m’kay?

(I know, I know, coming across all holey-er than thee here. Sorry, it just grinds my gears. I realise that the drive for slimmer/bigger screen devices has logical consequences, at least until we get the next grade of Gorilla glass/sapphire screen/Unobtanium 3.0 with added concrete bounceability…)

(Oh, and BTW totally agree @doctorow, DRM and third party lockouts SUCK).

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