The Right to Repair movement is making strides around the world

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I repaired my office chair this morning, come at me evil corporate empires.


Actually just dealt with the shittiness of Apple store repair fuckery this past weekend. My son’s iphone 6 which I bought for him last summer (at $199 from AT&T) is not a year old yet and under full warranty. The home button stopped working and the screen seemed to be screwed up. Brought into the store and they said they would replace it free of charge since it was clearly malfunctioning.

Come back an hour and get this…
“We found active water inside the phone, we cannot repair it the warranty is void. You can buy a replacement for $299”
My reply was “But it didn’t get any where near water and what evidence are you showing me that it has water in it?”
“Our technicians have confirmed it. You want to buy the replacement or not?”
“But that is a full $100 more than the price I paid at AT&T?! and this is still under warranty!”

Fuck you Apple.


This is hopeful.

Thank you, Cory for following this so closely and keeping us all current.


We are all supposed to just toss
the crap out
Capitalism unleashed

Many lamps sold in Europe come with individual light bulbs that can’t be replaced. So when one bulb packs in, the whole lamp has to be jettisoned.

That’s just insane.
I’m really happy to see those legislation making progress.

Your son dropped his phone in the toilet and was afraid to tell you.

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No. He didn’t.

Or he didn’t and the water sensors they use have been known to trigger with certain high humidity conditions with a temperature change which resulted in a class action lawsuit a few years ago.


The quote was “active water” meaning the phone was wet on the inside.

I can see the possibility of some legislative movement here and there re support for RtR, but ONLY if governments guarantee other (or ‘improved’) profit streams to sugar daddy manufacturers. Pockets still need to be lined.

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