A 1920s time capsule, full of historical goodies, was found after slave owner's statue removed


You’re correct about the Klan and the nativist/racist monuments of the 1920s. This particular monument was paid for by a brewery owner named William S. Hackett, who I don’t know much about.

Schuyler freed his slaves shortly before his death. Slavery was not as widespread in New York as it was in the South, but it was equally wrong. Jill Lepore’s book New York Burning is a troubling and fascinating account of a trial in the 1740s that ended with brutal executions,


Funny… I didn’t read him or anyone here defending any form of slavery whatsoever… :thinking: Not sure who you’re referencing here.


Got a link? The wiki for the statue says something different:

Dedicated on June 14, 1925, the monument was donated by George C. Hawley to commemorate his wife Theodora M. Hawley.

ETA: Another news article reads:

The statue was welcomed in June 1925 with a parade and ceremony presided over by Mayor William S. Hackett, according to an archived edition of the Times Union, which had four front-page stories on the unveiling.

Presumably this guy:


Fun point: Apparently Hamilton, himself, was responsible for finding a legal pretext to maintain the enshrinement of the patroon families like the Schuylers. This maintained their power over what essential were their serfs via perpetual debt in which you would need to pay a penalty to leave the property.


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