Memory Palace podcast about a Confederate monument honoring a real racist

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I listened to this yesterday; hell of a piece of radio. I love how he walks around the edges of his point before he punches you in the gut with it at the end.

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Not this one?


I vote to keep that one up.


Would it be plausible for someone to thermite the shit out of said racist memorial statue?

I vote to bedazzle it.

And make it fully-poseable

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I love the Memory Palace. I suggest listening to each and every one.

I have no problem with statues of Confederate generals, as long as they are displayed with a statue representing every slave who toiled to feed and cloth him and his men. Maybe arranged in a maze so that you have to thread your way through to reach the general.


Tannerite would be a much simpler affair.

(Dear authorities, I would never ever do such a thing, thank you for listening.)


Iā€™m so excited Nate got picked up in the PRX and is back to making episodes.

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