A $6 tool for easily hanging pictures


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Hi. The item does not appear to be $6 at this time.


Sorry, Amazon evidently auto-magically raised the price.


Call a professional Frame Nudger!


Do your own search on Amazon and it may appear with a lower price. I see $6.20 with free shipping when I do this.


Free works for me too. Get an app



Is there any way that BB can get affiliate revenue from aliexpress? The tool is available there for as little as $4. Of course, by the time it arrives you might have already had your earthquake, or died from one of the diseases for which your neighbors refuse to vaccinate.


A stick and a nail. I know this isn’t lifehacker, but come on.


Wait, what? No. That’s not a thing. How could it be? Stability is easily achieved by using two hooks a few cm apart. They don’t even have to be level with each other (but reasonably close so the wire rests on both). Two hooks means that the picture can’t simply pivot (pendulum-style) on the hanging point, but that the wire actually has to slide a bit on the hooks for the angle to change. This is MUCH more stable than a single hook. Try it, you’ll see.

As for levelling the picture, well, if it looks straight, it is.



The tool accommodates the two-hook method (watch the video). But that’s not its primary advantage – its that you can set the height of the picture without having to estimate the difference between the top of the frame and the top of the wire. This is especially useful if you’re trying to hang two pictures side-by-side.


Yeah, I see that now. It’s not quite as useless as I thought.


I have a similar tool I bought years ago. Comes in very handy for putting up shelves, coat hooks, etc.

The pricing fluctuates because every seller of this item is probably using an algorithmic repricer with different priorities.


Or for zero money, just leave them slightly slanted and drive your OCD friends wild!
(It’s easier for me, I live in a house with a picture rail).


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