Smart hack to easily hang a picture using a fork


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I was impressed when I saw that the video was only fourteen seconds long. Right to the point!


“Hey all, thanks for tuning to smart hack nation! I want to thank you all again for your support. You guys are what really make this channel great. Today, we have a great video showing you an unusual way to hang a picture frame! This will really take the time out of this chore, and let you get it right the first time. Before we begin that, though, I wanted to give one more quick shout-out to our sponsor, fork emporium! These guys have been great to us over the years, they make a fantastic product, and we really recommend them.”

Fixed the video for you.


Yeah, where’s the overwrought padding to try and monetize this amazing bit of actually useful hackage?


Coming from “5 Minute Crafts” it leaves me wondering what they did with the other 4:46


For larger frames, use a pitchfork.


Now we just need some startup to rebrand normal forks and advertise them on podcasts. “This content brought to you by Phorx. Hang your picture like a pro! They’re disrupting the fork industry! For every ten forks they sell, they donate one to a disadvantaged art gallery.”


Once again, “hack” substitutes for every verb. I guess it’s easier than memorizing a long list. Or hacking it.


Plus the show-and-tell of stuff subscribers have sent them.



That’s covered on the sister channel 5 Minute Crafts EXTREME.


Isn’t this the future Orwell predicted?


I watched a vid last night (HISHE, I think) that was over 20% advertising - 1:30-odd out a total run time of 6 mins. At least they had the good grace to put it all at the end of the vid.


That was the intro, where the host gave a VERY detailed description of what we were about to see, while showing us a close-up of waving, gesturing hands.


So the fork hangs on a nail or screw, and the picture frame’s string/wire hangs on the fork. W hy not just hang the picture frame on the nail/screw?

Then use the fork to eat ice cream?


The cat in the painting looks like it’s saying, “Hey! What happened to the fork!”


I’m honestly stunned; this is a terrific tip!


Rams fork into wall.
Rams picture over fork so that it sticks out the front.



That fits the description much better.


We’ll all be forked?