Very inexpensive wall mount for guitars

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Sure, my suggestion is 4x-5x the price, but it’s a $20 difference. Why get something ugly when you can buy an attractive wall hanger for your guitar (also offers smaller hangers for ukes and mandos) and made in the USA.


I ordered these the last time Mark promoted them (Why is the post associated with that thread missing?) and fair warning: shipping took FOREVER.

Then again, they were going for a buck a piece back then. Maybe paying three times as much buys you faster shipping.

I ordered some of these a while back and found them to be pretty flimsy. I did not have confidence that they were going to be able to hold an electric guitar without breaking. I wound up using the foam from these to make my own wall mounts: If you have the time and tools, you can easily make wall mounts for about the same cost that are more robust.

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I’ve got two of the String Swing hooks (bought at local guitar store–most music shops likely have them). If your instrument is worth more than the $10 difference in price, you really should get the better hangers to protect them.

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Every time I have tried to use one of these I find that it screws with my tuning much faster than using a floor stand. Maybe it’s different for all y’all that play guitars with <25" necks, but with my shortest guitar at a 29" neck it’s not worth the bother for me.

These hooks are also handy for swords, axes and morning stars… or so I’ve heard.

Yeah, I bought a two-pack a while ago and had the same feeling. I’m using them to hold my acoustic guitar and my ukele. I’m not very handy though, so for the electric guitars, I ordered a Gladiator GearTrack panel and some slatwall hangers. It feels very solid.

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While the String Swing may be more attractive (a debatable point), it is hardly four times more attractive. That they are Made in America is attractive, though.

I’ve used String Swings and these knockoffs without issue. I will grant that the String Swing feels a bit more reliable. However - With the number of guitars I have, the cost of sufficient String Swings was sadly super steep, so I stayed separate from the side of the slightly more sightly.

Be aware the cheaper hangers might chemically stain your guitar necks. The Rubber/foam might chemically react to the finish of the guitar and discolor/eat the finish away. Many Cheap hangars/stands do this. Get a stand/hanger from a good company that’ll account for this, and be more secure with your instrument. better to pay more for something that won’t potentially damage your gear.

Seems like the shape is much more functional, too.

Sell one guitar to pay for the hangers for the rest. :wink:

I had no idea they were considered some high end hook. They don’t even have any locking retainer. The seemed cheap enough to me, but I only have enough wall to hold five instruments. That limits the number I could get.

The wall space point beside, I honestly prefer that I keep all my instruments in their cases where the humidity doesn’t vary quite so much. Some people feel the need to display their instruments as a collection. Other people find they play their instruments more when they are in easy reach.

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