Very inexpensive wall mount for guitars

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Always mount your guitar to an interior wall, and not one with a heating duct running behind where the guitar goes.


I’ve got a new banjo on order. Am I going to put a hand-made $1500 instrument on a $1 wall mount? F no.


Probably would work well for garden tools.


I keep my guitar in a hard case. Away from the kids. And the cold. And the hot. And the dry. And the humid. And the…


“I doubt this deal will last.”

I doubt this hanger will last.


I like how shipping is no longer free if you try to order more than one at a time, but you can just place a bunch of duplicate orders to get around it.

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I’m a huge fan of the Hercules mount.

String Swing USA makes quality mounts in a range of sizes for a variety of instruments, all manufactured in Wisconsin. Very affordable and do not fall apart. I’m a satisfied customer who believes you get what you pay for.

call me old fashioned. I still prefer a regular old floor stand

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