Guitar wall hangers: a 4-pack for $7

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Finally I can get my air guitars off the floor.


I will sell you a 4-pack of air-guitar air-wall-hangers for $5.


What a bargain! Take my air money now.


Isn’t that hard on the neck having to support the full weight?

decided to answer my own question:

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind with hanging guitars on the wall:

  • If the wall they’re on gets lots of natural light, the finish will start to yellow. Depending on your perspective, this is either a good or bad thing.

  • If any of your guitars have a nitro finish, make sure you wrap the hangers in some kind of cloth or felt. DO NOT let the foam parts of the hangers touch the nitro! That foam they use will bond to the nitro and ruin it. I’ve made this mistake myself unfortunately. Now I cut up an old T shirt and wrap it around the “fork” with a rubber band. (This tip applies to any kind of stand with foam padding, actually). With poly finish you don’t have to worry about this.

  • DO NOT hang a solid wood (i.e. high quality) acoustic on the wall, especially in the winter. The reason is that the air temperature and humidity increases a great deal as you approach the ceiling, and the temperature differences between the neck and the body can cause warping and cracking. In a heated room the room temperature can change by ten degrees from floor to ceiling. Keep your acoustics in their cases in the winter, and on floor stands in the summer.

In terms of damage caused by gravity though - not a problem.


Can we book your band online through AirR&B?


I just laughed out loud. Well played sir.


Anybody got four guitars I can borrow?

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Now in the Boing Boing Store: 4-pack of guitars for 98% of MSRP.


I haven’t used this particular brand, but I can verify that guitar wall hangers are very useful. If you have guitars of course.

Make sure you’re securing them to a beam, and not just sheet rock. A stud finder is useful for this if you don’t have one. (Let obligatory jokes about finding studs follow.)

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I didn’t worry about finding a stud, but did replace the supplied screw-in drywall anchors with steel toggle bolts. Seems plenty strong enough.

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I just ordered a set, thanks Mark! I just redid part of my hallway and wanted to replace the cup hooks and cord I was using before, so this comes at a perfect time! I have exactly 4 guitars to hang too.

I will take a decent 2x3, shape it and stain it a bit, and mount it across the available studs, so I can place the guitars at intervals other than 16". It’s going to be slick AF!


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