Guitar wall hangers: a 4-pack for $8


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Oh, I need these but only if they’ll hold books backward!


Living in earthquake country I am willing to spend more to protect my instruments from the inevitable.

Oh and store it in a cool dry place.


Yes, and use toggle bolts instead of drywall anchors. And not TOO dry. Low humidity can really damage acoustic instruments. Even, moderate humidity is best.


But I only have one guitar. Can I get one for two dollars?

[I actually kinda need this]


Rubber coated tool hooks, a two by four and three inch screws into the studs. A bit more expensive (twenty bucks?) but much more durable.



If the ends of 4-pack hooks were bent slightly upward say ~30 degrees (instead of sticking straight out), they would have been better suited for use in earthquake country.


Nice setup.

(But no didgeridoo?)


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