Upright guitar stand for under $9

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Beer nuts are $1. Can someone remind me how much deer nuts are?


Chiming in here:

There are three of these in my house right now. They’re fine for the price, and fit everything from a mandolin to a dreadnought acoustic. Cello players are out of luck, though.

The best part for me is not paying the “music stuff” tax that comes with buying almost anything else musician-related.

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Take from one who knows and has learned the hard way. No stand is as safe for a precious instrument as a hard shell case.

Trusting a multi thousand dollar guitar, or even a $500.00 guitar on a $9.00 stand is a recipe for disaster.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…

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You’re right, of course, but don’t overlook the psychological aspect here. You’ll grab your guitar and play 100% more if it it’s right there in easy reach instead of a case. Guitars are meant to be played after all. Sometimes you have to take a small risk. I should know too, I knocked my Martin off a stand and broke the head stock. Oh well, shit happens and that’s why God invented clamps and wood glue.


Speaking of guitars … . .

I took “General Music” in the 7th grade and had to learn how to play a guitar…
Everything went fine until about the 2nd month when I ‘read the music’ and asked the teacher “Does this mean I/we have to use the second ‘string’ ?”

Music has been beyond me ever since … “Jingle Bells” is the BEST that I can (could) perform.

I love it, but can’t (err; won’t) do it.

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I use this stand for my National Guitar. It is great and has held it up for years.

I’m told these are also useful for modular synth cases. (I use an open desktop rack stand myself because those are much cheaper and I’m not gigging with my modular.)

Unless you forget to latch the hard shell case, get distracted from it and leave it on a table, and then return to the table and grab the handle of the case to take your guitar home…

Don’t ask me how I know.

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question: i usually play my guitar horizontally - will this stand still work? - or should i get a sidey-ways one?


I have kids. My guitars and basses belong to the wall.

I rehearse in rooms that are not brightly lit. The body supports of these stands usually end up bent because somebody stepped on them. Then they break.

I’ve used, abused and destroyed about thirty guitar stands in two decades. This is the one that keeps on surviving:

I keep losing them though when I visit other dark spaces and get home late…

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Looks like a decent stand for the bucks. I have a few stands similar to these that have held up very well for 15-20 years. These are especially good stands if you have a somewhat protected spot for the guitar. Like between the end of the couch and the wall. I am a firm believer in having a guitar at hand and easy to pick up and play it makes you a better player and it is the ultimate relaxation activity. My blood pressure and heart rate etc. are at their best levels while I’m playing. I also have "failed back syndrome " and my back pain is lowered when I play guitar. However I don’t like these type stands for the live stage, it is way too easy to knock them over on a dark stage. For live I use Ultimate Support or Hercules stands that have a latching neck craddle, more expensive but well worth the money. I also have 16 or so wall hangers in my basement studio that I like because it keeps the guitars easy to grab and play. The other thing I believe is that guitars exposed to musical sounds passively improves the guitars tone over time. Most of my guitars don’t stay in cases much except for playing out.

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My problem with these stands? My Applause steel-string has a bowl-shaped back. Sigh.

Lucky you! It’s 56$ CAN on Amazon.ca !!!
The downside of a communist country! :blush:

Yeah, I wouldn’t put a vintage anything on stands, for the sake of protection, but for often-played beater guitars, the kind you drag outside to the deck or toss in the back of the car for camping, these stands work fine. Plus, there’s a lot to be said for having a guitar close to hand in the living room. After all, you need somethiong to do while waiting through Mass Effect Andromeda’s long cutscenes.

People actually use these for guitars? Weird.

These specific stands are all the rage and are super highly recommended by basically everyone to conveniently store a Boosted Board.

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