Upright guitar stand for $12

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FYI- If you’re fortunate enough to have a guitar finished in vintage-style nitrocellulose laquer, the black foam padding on many budget stands will stain/melt the finish, to varying degrees. Look for a stand with surgical-style tubing/padding instead (it’s a tan/light brown color- easy to spot).
Not a super-common problem, of course, but it happens. Old USA guitars, pre-BBE G&Ls, and USA Gibsons seem to be the main victims…

Just a tip from an old Roaddog. Cheers!


The best way for you (us) old timers to play guitar, is to have them sitting there longingly as you walk by.

I have more guitars than I need but only play when I go to my friend’s house where he has a cheap one sitting out in the open on a stand.

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Cool story incoming:

So I was working at the March for Science in DC. It was VERY windy that day. The bass player was using one of those stands. Well, you can guess what happened. A very live bass blew over on its very expensive face. He finished the set with it, and it didn’t seem too out of tune or intonation or anything so perhaps the instrument was fine. But it certainly made me question the stability of those stands.

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