A ball that inverts and changes color when it is midair, and the scientific literature that explains it


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helps if you can juggle to minds of a lesser god


physics is phun!




MATH! :triangular_ruler::white_check_mark::memo::red_circle:
(Ok some physics but I’m only adding that because BB won’t accept my perfectly good sentence made up of mostly symbols)


I was inclined to post jesse.gif, but I go for fuckyeahtopology!


How’d’you expect an automaton to treat bags of mostly water?


instantiates a dual polyhedron

Good line for a song.


And that gives me an excuse to post this:


The designer of the toy, Chuck Hoberman, also does much larger ‘transformable design’ projects, such as the ‘Expanding Video Screen’ used in a recent U2 tour, plus other bits of mind-bending shape-changing architecture.


I knew I should have added, “but math rules!!”


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